California being the best State in the United States? & Joshua Tree, CA

California, California. One of the most coveted places in the United States, or the whole world. You have Hollywood, the beaches, the mountains , and the desert all within reach if you’re in the South. It’s beautiful, and convenient. Let’s not forget to mention the variety of food that you have access to. It’s truly the melting pot. Some say it’s expensive. And it is.

Many weird people in California, talk shit about living in California and it being expensive. But let’s be real. It’s obviously expensive for a reason. The opportunities that are in California are insane If you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and not work a bullshit 9-5 and be in the rat race. People move all over the country and other countries just to be here to try and get a shot at the big Hollywood life or creative artistic life. It’s where shit happens. So if you don’t like it, please do everyone a favor. Shut the fuck up and move to Wisconsin, Wyoming or whatever. 😉

If you don’t play, you’ll never win.

Now, I recently moved to Florida for a change of pace and to be quite honest, I’m definitely receiving that. It feels great. But being here it has also made me realize that California is my home and I’m more than likely going to be moving back within a year or two. And that’s when I had a crazy realization of why not buying a house in Joshua Tree, CA.

If you don’t know anything about Joshua Tree National Park, you have not actually ventured around So Cal. Joshua Tree is the home for the weird looking tree. Yes, every tree is shaped in a different weird shape, and it’s awesome. Joshua tree is definitely one of my favorite places in Southern California, I’ve always had some sort of calling to it since I learned about it in 2011. Joshua Tree is absolutely one of the most beautiful deserts with awesome rock formations, beautiful trails, and amazing scenery. You can even do rock climbing if you’re into that.


I’ve visited Joshua Tree countless of times since then, taking random road trips and even taking last minute adventures to see the annual Perseid Meteor shower that happens around August 11-13th. (Peak) It’s honestly an experience that is out of this world.. You literally see over 50 shooting stars during peak hours, it’s indescribable. I’ve definitely had some peak moments of my life here, where I feel ultimately alive, just staring out into the Universe.. seeing all the stars and the indefiniteness of the odd world were living in. It really gives me a sense of how big this Universe is.. just being able to see the Milky Way galaxy is utter worldly man.

So with all that said, I decided that within the next 2-3 years (Hopefully Sooner), I will be purchasing a vacation home in Joshua Tree/ Twenty9 Palms. The homes are cheap and with a mortgage around 1k. I can definitely Airbnb it and have other’s enjoy it as much as I will. Bond fires, romantic nights, a couple cold beers, and drives into Joshua Tree National Park during golden hour sound amazing. The peacefulness, the openness.. just sound like heaven to me.

There’s something in me that enjoys living the fast city life and there’s also the side of me that enjoys living in a small town and living a peaceful life.. So why not both.


I know I’ll be spending some quality time here, relaxing,drinking wine, killing time. Having realizations and staring into the night sky don’t sound bad to me at all. Over my life time I have realized that I am 45% introverted. I like my own presence, I like being alone, listening to music, thinking to myself, realizing shit. It’s when I feel more connected to the Universe. People suck, let’s be honest? Haha no, I’m kidding. I love people, but some people can just get under your skin.

Anyway, here’s my favorite time lapse of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower in Joshua tree.

Fucking sick right. Now go see it in person.

Much love,




I listened to the whole time I was writing this.


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