Yes, I decided.

Not entirely sure what made me start a blog, but decided to just do it. Sometimes I just get too many thoughts in my brain (classic over thinker) and need to express myself. I’ll write about thoughts, influential people, projects, aliens, movies, post cool tracks, but most importantly provide some type of value in hopes to make you think about things in a different light.

Today I want to talk about saying “Yes” to things that make you nervous, things make you uncomfortable, things that you’ve been wanting to do but never did because of fear. It’s so crazy to think about how we let fear trespass into our daily lives. Sometimes, it can be small things like saying hi to someone you like, creating a blog,(ehem) or even asking for more ketchup at a restaurant. While sometimes it can be much bigger like chasing your dreams against all odds, taking a solo trip to somewhere completely new to find yourself, taking that really good paying job in a different state, or telling your best friend to shut the fuck up for once. 

Sometimes, these “Yes” can lead to greater things, but we tend to not open those doors because of fear of the unknown. The great unknown.. Which can sometimes be mysterious and exciting.

A few months back I was lucky enough to find a really cool youtube channel called “Yes Theory” .

Yes Theory, is exactly that. Saying Yes, to things more often and being more open. It’s how we grow, how we experience life, how we learn. It’s a channel about 3 dudes who basically do things like sneak into Hollywood movie premieres, go on hitchhikes without any money to end up in random places, 0r sneaking into basically anywhere for free.

Now before you go binge watch all their videos. Let’s make the promise to say “Yes” to things more often. Do something that scares you. Eat something new. Go visit that new country. Re-Ignite your motivation to start your dream.. or if you don’t have one. Say yes to creating a new one.


Here’s a video by Yes Theory:



Thought i’d share some things I decided to say “Yes” to in the past 2 months.


Go to Mexico to visit family, explore and do business out of spontaneity .

On my trip I decided to try something called “Chapulines” which is basically baked grasshoppers with powdered chili and lemon. It’s supposed to be like chips. But not really. Not my thing as you wont find me eating these on a sat night whilst watching a movie.

In case you ever want to try them they look like this:



Moved to FL. 

My family lives out here and why not. OC/LA is cool but sometimes you just feel like you need to get out of your bubble. When I got to Florida I met a random new friend Emma who said she’d show me around the city and I said “Yes”. She knew many people at the bar scene and got me in for free everywhere without paying cover charges. Cool

This new 2018 I want to take it to another level being a new state and all.. Let’s see where 2018 takes us. Also, stay tuned for the next blog post , the topic is something out of this world and maybe it will perplex you as much as it has perplexed me.


Song of the day: New Beginnings – Day Dreamer

Check out his stuff if youre into Porter Robinson / Madeon. Super young dude on the come up








much love.






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