Electric Fly Bug Zapper Mosquito Insect Killer LED

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– Our electronic mosquito trapper is 100% safe for humans and pets, as it contains no chemicals, emits no radiation and is entirely non-toxic.
Unlike other similar products, you won’t have to worry about weird smells or noise, and your kids will have a much healthier environment.
This amazing device is entirely safe for the whole family!

– This practical mosquito trap is extremely easy to use for everybody. It can be connected with any device with an USB port or a regular adapter (not included), while the UV trap lamp which comes with a light-controlled sensor which closes and shuts down during the day and night time, depending on your preferences.

– Say goodbye to unhygienic devices that can never be properly cleaned! This state-of-the-art insect zapper comes with a buckle design which removes easily for regular cleansing and washing.


Product power supply: USB
Size: 13X13X22.8CM
Weight: 310G
color: White

Package Includes:
1X Mosquito Killer
1X USB Cable




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5 reviews for Electric Fly Bug Zapper Mosquito Insect Killer LED

  1. teresa aura (verified owner)

    I live in Florida and it’s summer. I HAD to get this for my Patio and it works just fine. I bought two and they’re both up and running. just great.

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    works ok

  3. cinthya (verified owner)

    it took a couple days longer to arrive but finally got here. the wait was worth it. many thanks<3

  4. Trisha J (verified owner)


  5. sydney

    i saw this on facebook a couple weeks ago and it’s my first time buying something from an advertisement but I really needed this. I just received it in the mail today and i am love with it. Its not noisy where you can’t sleep, and its small enough so it doesn’t look like it’s out of place. I have to say i’m impressed with the overall quality of it.

    I usually get bitten at nights so i keep it running and I can now sleep like like a normal person.

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